Monday, September 5, 2011


i think i'm gonna be blogging a lot again because
right now there is nothing on my agenda. just a
couple essays here and there for my online classes,
and a little job searching and what not...
i'm secretly dying for a vacation, but since
we are both in school and slightly jobless right now,
thats no where in the works for the moment. but
thats okay. we are doing okay money wise, this summer
we actually saved up a little for winter to be safe
this time. which was smart of us. i'm soooo glad.
i don't know why i'm loving right now so much.
this transition from summer to fall, the weather
is perfect and i love it. i don't even really have
any friends right now, just my boys, and our families
and it's good. family is who will be there for you
forever anyway, it's so true. and i love my apartment
right now. as soon as we get a mattress for our bed
it will feel complete. people need to come over for
dinner. i have a list of things i need to make...
most of them involve cheese. of course. and tonight
kjersti's new mother in law gave me a plate full of
cake from the wedding, my dream come true, ha ha ha.
i need to go make a new wreath for my house for fall..

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Jessica Lyn said...

Count me in on the wreath making night!!!!!!! Love it!:)