Saturday, August 27, 2011

time flies

just a quick post
because i'm finally back in Utah since my last post.
it has been good, lots going on around here, with Kjersti's
wedding and my classes starting up. I'm taking four this
quarter. But I like it. I still need to find a day where I can
just organize my house. Both bedrooms are a disaster.
We went and saw Christine's cute new place in the avenues
tonight, and I'm pretty jealous. Hardwood floors and big
fat white moldings... Lucky. We also started our doula
class together on Thursday, and it was cool. I think we are
gonna learn a lot. The people were really nice and have
some really cool things to teach us. Me and Steen had
to practice labor comfort measures on each other, it was
funny. I'm glad I already have a friend in there... What else,
I'm in the crafty mood lately. Lots of projects on my mind.
I need to get the stuff for Kody to make our headboard
when I get a free day.. and when I remember. I also need
to get me a new church dress and church shoes. REALLY BAD.
Well, it's weird not being in Nebraska. I keep thinking about
buffalo wings and thunderstorms... Thankfully our fish
"applesauce" made it home safely. Kody says he's part of
the family now. And we signed a 6 month more lease on
our Herriman apartment. So that gives us Spring to find
somethin good. I'll try to post more.
We just dont have internet at our place. and if I'm ever
at my mom's and using the computer it will be for school
woRk. Sheeesh.

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