Saturday, August 20, 2011


the calm after the storm.
i am packing up this little apartment. thinking of the
adventures we had here. this place is funny.
turtles on the freeways... i've never seen so many
fireflies before. at first i thought they were ghosts.
and really cool thunder storms. i always hated the
rain until now. i will miss this place. i think this
adventure has changed me a little. just all this thinking
and realizing about things. i feel like i have a new
perspective. i think i discovered a lot about my life.
i recommend anyone take themselves on an adventure like
this whenever possible. especially after major life events.
i feel like peace is flowing through my veins. hah-
really though.
well, i'm just gonna go soak up this last piece of
Nebraska air and wait for whats next.

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