Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"All that we are is a result of what we have thought" - Buddha

watercolor by sasha prood
this has been an interesting morning.
we stayed up late watching "the secret" last night,
and pretty sure i am going to start living by it.
i don't know about you, but i believe in "the secret"..
ha. i woke up feeling all weird though
and to top off the weird morning, our installer told us his car
got stolen out of the parking lot. right outside our
apartment.. and i'm thinking, me and kody stayed up
till 3 watching the secret and this whole time outside
our window this was all happening? crazy place we
are living in over here in grand island. 4 more days.
only 4 MORE. DAYS... i'm just thankful it wasn't our
car. but then the postman just knocked on my door
and my sister Lindsay bought me a happy print from
heartfishpress on etsy for congratulating on doing my
school this summer and passing alllll my classes!
even that crazy math! this is the print she got me..

do i have the best sister or what? such a crazy morning...
i think Utah is calling my name...
oh and also, i gave in and signed up for the doula
certification class at SLCC.. i'm doing it. kinda excited.
i'm hoping christine will do it with me. i know my mom
will be proud. so i am ending this weird feeling crazy
morning blog post with 5 gratefuls, which ARE:

1-  I'm sooooo grateful that we have been able to have
a nice place to live. In Utah and in Grand Island, and that
we have been financially able to afford it without
struggling. I really am, GRATEFul for that.
2- my parents example, i think about their example
they have set for me every day. and i live by it. i think
about my mom and dad as young parents scared like
me and Kody trying to figure things out, and my dad
graduating college and how hard that must have been
to keep themselves Going... i think of that everyday, and
where they are now, and i'm like I WANT TO BE LIKE
THAT. and i know it can be done...
3- Having a car. Kody and I have had car troubles
since day one. and Today I am just grateful that we
have a car. A car that runs and gets us where we
need to be.
4- i'm grateful for Good Memories.
5- i have faith. i am grateful that my mom took me and
my sisters to church every sunday when we were little.
i can't imagine how hard that must have been,
and i never knew it until now.
but i have faith because of it.
i have faith in people that are struggling.


cathmom said...

Nice! Just plain nice!

lovely lindsay said...

i loved this today. carried your five gratefuls with me for the rest of the night. a gift of love.
love, linny