Thursday, August 18, 2011

sunny day/

so carson and i are absolutely bored.
i have nothing interesting to write about.
just that i am already packed to go home in
two days... and i already have a huge list of
to dos. i'm getting excited for this doula class
i am doing. thinking of finding a cute
preschool class for carson to get into...
kody and i are planning a small get away trip
for halloween. just because we both need
alone time with each other... and kody is
going to help me make a really cute headboard
for our bed. i found a good diy... i'm gonna
fix our bedroom up real cute. it needs it.
can i just say, this week is going by tooooo SLOW....
2 more, LONG, days.
I want a ghost chair..

1 comment:

michelle said...

ha! that anthropologie quilt is on my wishlist! everytime I go to the store I sit on the bed they have made with it and snuggle the blanket cause its soooo soft. I hope you get it! and I hope I get it! lol