Sunday, August 14, 2011


these are the bracelets i have been saving on my computer,
my inspiration... so many cute ideasssssss.
i can't wait to go home and make some like these,
 when i get to Utah, I'm gonna be creating up a storm..

1- elcaravan on etsy 3- mesablue on etsy 4- the doctor's closet on etsy 5-juicy couture 6-ettika 7-mesablue on etsy


michelle said...

I want chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, and the red bracelet #6. and where are you going to live in utah? that sweet apartment you had before? when are you going back there?

michelle said...

fun background! remember when we used to have the coolest myspace backgrounds ever?? haha. I am in tri cities again I work at a winery its pretty great. I will write my thoughts one day soon. really soon. cause I have no one im hiding from these days... not really atleast lol on my way to LA this saturday I have a layover in utah, too bad you wont already be there we could have lunch!