Friday, July 1, 2011

Today was-

- scattered and crazy
- hardworking
- wells fargo
- post office lines,
reminding me of
when i was little
- hyvee grocery store
- happy texts
- cant stand the heat
- firework noises
- everything checked off
the to do list
- hardest math homework
ever = accomplished,
i'm proud
- this blog post is funny
- dinosaur fruit snacks
- counting inventory
boxes with carson
- red car chuggin along
- drives down stolley park rd.
- big fluffy trees
- kody's music picks are good
- applesauce fish is still alive
- sleepy eyes
- bangs are bothering me
- airconditioning
- vanilla sandwich cremes
- loving this day.
- it feels like summer, i'm
not gonna lie
- i don't want carson to turn 3.

1 comment:

Steen said...

I want him to stay a dinosaur forever. I miss you jadeybeebs. Wish you could move in for two weeks while chris is gone.