Thursday, July 7, 2011

sun and rain

via pmgarrison

i'm forgetting what day it is.
getting excited for carson's birthday
because he's been talking about this
for months. so i feel obligated to not
let him down. he reallllly wants a
dinosaur birthday! and i ordered him
more supras skytops in white this time,
because his old ones are worn baddd and
you can tell his toes are squished in
there. were probably gonna drive to kearney
this weekend to go to target and old navy
for his presents. my boy is growing.
we have been spending our free time
at the library.
me and carson. we have sort of a routine
each day. yesterday we got to go to
the library and stock up on movies and
books, i got sTori telling, and i like it.
i'm counting down the days till august.
kody and i need a real vacation.
fourth of july here is not as exciting.
we decided to go bowling, since its $1.
then kody and i tried this mexican
restaurant called Carlos OKellys, and
had great salsa, but everything else
felt too american.. haha. oh Nebraska,
i'm never gonna forget this crazy place.
i can't even explain what it's like here...
last night when we left to count inventory
it literally looked like we were driving
in a river. the water was so deep, i have
never seen rain like that, i tried to get a
picture, i don't know where on earth my
camera cord is to upload thougH!

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Steen said...

still waiting for the pictures you said you were going to post...