Wednesday, June 29, 2011


oh my i don't even know how i have managed
to make time to write a blog, i have been up
to my teeth in work all of sudden. i finally got
me a summer job! kody's work got me all set
up yesterday, Finally! and they got me a new computer
and printer in my place. i've been so crazy busy
already with it. and homework to add on to that.
which i finally learned the hardest part of my
math and i am extreeemmely proud of myself.
holy cow, if you could ask kody how hard i
struggled with my math this week, and stayed up
sooooo late practicing and practicing. man it's
hard.but i feel like hard work will pay off later.
so that is what i'm aiming at.

that's my lil work spot. it's kind of cool that i get to do this
all from my apartment. happy happy. but me working
means no going home early... i will have to sneak home
and take my math exam and come back here to finish
summer working. oh boy... busiest summer i ever had.
and i'm thinking of lagoon and cafe rio right now...
i have nothing interesting to write about today because
i have barely had time to think lately. and if i have
had any extra time it all goes to little carson. and by
the end of the day i'm drained. and i have my eye on
a certain special festival concert august 6 when i run
home to utah for that weekend. so me and kody figured
we will be there august 4-9... sheesh. well then, i better
get to work. i got a bunch of homework to do before
kody gets here and then we have to go count inventory
in the work's storage unit. craziness. boringness.
oh summer. oh life. ********
this is the math i learned (-12x+6y-(-9)+u)
ya i've literally been doing math like that all week.
i am dying. aahhhh.


Steen said...

I'm proud of you!

The Fords said...

sheesh. You are busy! Good luck with math!! And I'm sooooooooo excited your coming home in August. Even if it's for a short while. <3 give Carson a hug from me!

Jessica Lyn said...

August 4-9! Done and done! Marked it on our calendar! Can't wait to see you guys:)