Sunday, July 10, 2011


Its been okay here,
despite that I have really bored phases,
everything is okay. The people are good
to us. They take good care of us too.
And we are safe, and happy,
and we have good food, and air conditioning.
I have been eating buffalo wings, because
of so many mens here, thats what they eat,
so when we have go out for group dinner
they always pick this place called buffalo
wild wings. And I am actually starting to
like it now. We got to go to Omaha this
weekend for a work training that Kody had,
and so me and the other wife Jaycie and her
son Ashton took me and Carson to the Omaha
Zoo and it was really fun! We saw sharks and
a swamp of alligators and pretty sure the
best zoo I've been to yet. Then we went
to the mall of course. And the waterpark,
and Carson LOOOOOOved it. We woke up
this morning and everyone met for some
IHop and mini golf then went home. That
was our little 24 hour vacation. But I needed
it. Now I'm ready for some working, homework
math, and Carson's birthday party! I need
to go get the decorations before this crazy
week starts again! I cannot let him down,
he's been dyin for a dinosaur birthday party,
it's all he talks about. And Applesauce fish
is still alive and going strong.
I tried to post a few pictures that I had,
so here-

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Steen said...

carson looks happy.
cute moccasins
I wish i was coming to the party.
I've been eating chineese food lately
because I think I'm allergic to cheese.
can you believe it? I don't know what to do! eat tofu!?