Wednesday, July 13, 2011

right, now.

I love days like these.
I have been running around trying
to make sure Carson had a happy birthday,
and now I can focus again. And relax too..
Just finished the first Tori Spelling book, and
we went to the library today for more dino
books and more Tori Spelling books, I even
got the one her mom wrote, and now I need
to go rent the whole Tori and Dean tv
series too... Anyway,
Carson had a happy birthday, Kody and I
took him to Freddy's frozen custed and got
dirt and worms custard... was yummmy...!
Then we came home and invited his lil friend
Ashton over for cake and he brought Carson
a little present it was cute. Today is gloomy and
rainy and I usually hate the rain and don't want
to leave the house, but I felt soooo happy today,
and took Carson to mail grandpa's birthday card
and pick some books at the library. My section
is with all the celeb biographies, and his is
Dinosaurs. They have a whole section dedicated
just to Carson I swear. We left the library
with a stack of books, and Carson held my hand,
and I was loving this day even more.
Cause I just know years from now I'm going to
wish I could go back to holding his hand with
stacks of library books in the other. Just me
and Carson, bessssttt friends. Then I asked him
what he wanted for lunch and he said rice and
beans, which really means we are meant for
each other.. So we went and got a burrito and
a bowl of rice and beans to go from Qdoba
Mexican Grill. Haa, I love my boy.
Well, back to reality, which means I really
need to do my math homework thats due
tomorrow and I'm just not feelin it today.
And another weird thing, I am now officially
craving buffalo wings. What is wrong with me?


cassandra noƫlla said...

so cute . soooo cute.

Steen said...

I had buffalo wings from applebees for the first time yesterday, in your honor. I really wish I could come visit. I love tori and dean. i watched every episode. Tori kind of reminds me of lindsay.

lovely lindsay said...

what? steen. tori is neurotic.

lovely lindsay said...

jade: i remember when lucas first really held my hand. will never forget. love that sweet boy of yours. you are such a good mama. i miss you here! love, lin

michelle said...

rice&beans. thats so cute.