Sunday, July 17, 2011


at least theres a sonic here.
sometimes i like nebraska.
i like just having me and my boys.
and sometimes i miss utah.
but i think i spend too much money
in utah. kody is really into greys
anatomy, he wants to move to
seattle now. oh i love you Kody.
i should look into it, that would
be cool. but not as much cheap
as it would be cool...
kody just playing video games,
his hairs cute shaved

the heat here is at it's peak i'm pretty sure,
it's basically unbearable to go
outside now. we tried to feed the
ducks but our faces were bright
red and my clothes were sticking
to me, we barely made it ten minutes.
i wish i could keep this job when
i go home... that would sure be
nice... i feel like doing someones
makeup, it's been a minute...
i'm contemplating the eyelash
extension thing. but i'm pretty sure
i need it. hah-

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