Monday, July 11, 2011


baby Carson,
not so much a baby anymore.
Turns three years old today.
The baby that I was pregnant with
and scared out of my wits when I
started this blog.
 Born on a sunny July morning.
8 1/2 pounds, and you had the biggest
sweetest lips I have ever seen.
The baby boy that changed
my life around. The baby that's my
truest most bestest friend that I have
ever had in my life. Who has the most
sensitive and loving spirit in anyone I
have ever met.
 And today you turn into a big boy,
 a not so much at all baby anymore.
 I hope you stay
my best friend baby boy forever,
somehow. I love you big boy Carson
Reggie Sky whatever your middle
name is.... looooooove you so much.
Happy Birthday!


michelle said...

aw happy birthday carson reggie
happy day of birth to you jade love.

Steen said...

oh carson! I love him. I love you. You're a good mom. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARSON!

Jessica Lyn said...

This is too cute. Lovee Cars and wish him a happy birthday from us! We tried calling him yesterday, but he wouldn't talk unless it was on skype haha