Monday, June 27, 2011


hello blog. i am liking mondays lately.
my hair feels long and purple.
today i cleaned the house and did lots of
math homework. i am so proud that i learned
some new math i've never learned. extra extra
hard... and i woke up to a sweet lil package
from lin and luc a dinosaur for carson,
lilac essie nail polish for me, and beef jerky
for kody. carson has not been taking naps
lately. maybe because he's inching towards
year 3? i held him tight the other day thinking
that its almost the last time he's really gonna
be a baby boy, cause now he will be a big 3
year old. potty trained. no more paci.
just eatin enchiladas, waiting for boys to come
eat them. kody has like 14 best friends here.
and they all just come in and eat my food,
which is nice though because it gives me a reason
to cook yummy things. and i'm really getting
excited for carsons birthday party because i
know how excited he is. he's been talking about
his dinosaur birthday he wants since months ago.
and we found allll the dinosaur decorations here
so we are excited. well i miss my mama,
wishing she would sneak over and come sleep on
my couch and talk on her phone.
and oohhh how i love fireworks and cant wait
for the 4th. brings back memories of being pregnant
and drinking tea in green car while kody was
working at sorenson.
that's my blog for the day... and i'm gonna go do
some more math. mathaholic. byyyyyyye

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michelle said...

jade you are inspiring in the sweetest little ways. : )