Saturday, June 4, 2011

these are the days we talked about

greetings, from day 2 of our adventure.
Grand Island, Nebraska.
i'm eating lemon heads from my sunshine box,
via, Steen.
already watching land before time.
already got me some taco johns burritos.
first mall i went to was closed down...
it kind of looks a lot like kennewick here,
wishing there was a park close by since
it's so humid here. but the apartment is
nice and clean, and it feels sorta happy.
i'm already homesick for pres and jack.
i'm VERY sick about it actually.
two months will fly by though......
i feel like i have so much courage though
and im stronger now than i've ever been,
i honestly feel like i could do anything i
put my mind to. and right now my mind is
clear of clutter. i usually have a list of things
to do with a big jumble in my brain
trying to sort it out, but nothing that needs
to get done, no where i need to be,
but here. and to just be.
and maybe this is what i needed
right NOW.
me and my two boys.
well, i guess i will be blogging a lot.


cassandra noƫlla said...

how come you moved to nebraska?

michelle said...

I cant believe you are living in nebraska. that is so cool. please write all about nebraska.

Steen said...

things look peaceful. I miss you.

cathmom said...

Now you know why I must get away sometimes. Gotta leave the clutter for awhile. Enjoy the peace Jade. Drink it up.

[0)!@N@ said...

your lucky!
and pretty.