Thursday, June 2, 2011

our bags are packed,
everything is in order.
at this time tomorrow we will
be in nebraska. my little
family again.
still not ready
to say good bye to two littles.
i know i will see them again,
but things will be much different
as i wont be babysitting them
anymore. i'm sad.really sad
actually. i have watched baby
jack since he was 8 weeks old.
so today, i am thinking of presley
and jack. thinking of how far we've
come. and how much i have taught
them. and how much THEY have taught
me. and all our secrets we have
shared, that nobody else will
ever know. just wishing that maybe
there is still a chance they will
squeeze into my suitcase and come
with me.
i am also anxious to see kody,
it feels so empty with him gone.
i can't wait to hug him tight.
well blog, i'm off on some kind of
adventure, no camera or nothing.
but maybe ill get one.
here comes the summmmer time.
goodbye little utah house,
hello nebraska.

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