Monday, June 6, 2011

keep going,

carson is hiding under the coffee table
with eggs from the fridge, which he is convinced
will hatch baby dinosaurs...
been here four days now.
cant believe, 4 days already? whatt.
we arent sure if ill be working or not
yet, but if i am that would be great.
if im not, that would be great too.
in the mean time, i need some crafts to take
on. as there is no where to shop here.
no targets to go to for hours and pretend like
i almost buy things... there are two walmarts.
but you can only go to walmart so much...
and there is a tj maxx, and a hobbly lobby,
oh and kohls. haha.
i am gonna try and make yummmy dinners every night.
i realized i left my recipe book at home, and
so now i have to find some new yummy things...
last night i made salsa, and mac and sauce.
good enough for me.
kody and i tried to sneak away on an adventure
yesterday, but we didnt get very far because
the heat is pretty much unbearable out there.
and once we found an outdoor mall, we couldnt
even shop at it because we were dying of heatstroke,
carson needs more toys, i barely packed any toys,
and i cant believe we didnt pack a single dinosaur!
and walmart does not carry any dinosaurs here what
so ever... shoot.
but i think this summer is going to go by fast...
i did get batteries for one of my really old cameras,
so i will start using that soon....


cathmom said...

Ahhh Carson. If anyone's faith can "patch" those eggs, it would be yours!

Steen said...

oh carson, I miss you! I hope that when he comes back, he still likes to growl and stomp around. I am finding some good recipes from this blog: find something that looks tough and give it a chance.... but you can't just throw the ingredients in! Practice your baking for when we open a cake shop.

lovely lindsay said...

my favorite cooking blog these days:
bakedbree. check it out.
love you,