Monday, June 13, 2011


my moccasins came! and i reallllllly
love them, i just need to exchange them
for a smaller size but other than that - :)
now i know why everyone loves zappos,
the lady is sending me a return label in the
mail since i dont have a printer so i can ship
them back free, and she is already sending me
my smaller size in the one day shipping, for free.
awww, zappos...
then this morning kody took me to joanns
to get a bunch of embroidery thread,
i'm gonna start makin lots of these:

via - honestlywtf
this weekend was happy,
kody has sundays and saturday afternoons
off so we got to spend lots of time together..
one of the kids got everyone tickets to
the college football team here, "Danger".
Haha, it was actually really fun, and their
mascot is a dinosaur so that topped it off
for Carson. Then we drove to kearney
yesterday because we were dying to
go to Target.. it was an interesting city..
this morning we woke up to a package
from great grandma margaret, she sent
Carson some dinosaur fruit snacks he was
dying for, we were just talking about how
bummed we were that they didnt have those
here! I did an entire puzzle this weekend too...
and sloppy joes tonight, kody's pick..
he thinks he might have all of his sales soon,
which would be great, because i am
just thinking of my cute little apartment
that i wont get to spend much time in this
summer before we move. and i think we decided
where we want to move also... we'll see...
we need to call on them-


michelle said...

you sound so happy. : )

Steen said...

I love those moccasins. I want to buy some. How much were they? I miss you guys