Friday, June 10, 2011



this morning i gotta take
carson to the little gymnastics
place. fridays they do toddler
day and let them play all over.
so me kody jaycie dallas and their
son all took our kids. it was
nice to do something around
here finally! but now were back
home. i made homemade mac
and cheese last night. twas good.
tonights gonna be chicken
parmigiana? sounds good to me.
i hope my moccasins come today.
its perfect weather right now, to
me. i'm thinking of getting a
cheap elliptical in here to work out
on. i like these apartments.
theyre really small and old,
but i just like them. the neighbors
aren't creepy either, or loud.
it reminds me of my pasco
apartment a lot...
oh and carson officially
really knows all the justin
bieber songs.. and last night
he watched the whole movie
with me and sang into a paper
towel roll. he's so cute!
i think i need to join the monthly
marshmallow club on etsy-
well... ... ... ANY. waY.
-keep doing school
-keep taking good care of my boy

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