Wednesday, June 15, 2011

feels like a good day

Ok, zappos is amazing,
my moccasins literaly came the
next day after i switched sizes.
It's pretty much magic.
And Carson's dinosaur
package came today.
we are just ordering up a
storm over here.. package
everyday - it's like christmas.
Took the little ones to the
library yesterday and got me
a card. And lots of dinosaur
books, and movies... ---
My math class is extra hard right
now too, so it's keeping me
really busy... and I think Kody's
work is gonna give me some stuff
to do here by next week...
I dyed my hair with what was
supposed to be BrownBlack,
and came out BRIGHT red
dye... So now I have really
red tinted dark brown hair.
I kinda wanna melt my hair,
ya know...
like lighten it up at the bottoms..
i Dont really know.
but i love my new moccasins
so much. they look cuter than
that picture, because in the picture
they are the bigger ones that look
like bigfoot...
 i ordered some
rhinestone chains to put on my
bracelets i'm making, so there are
gonna looook perfect.
this blog doesnt make sense/
oh dear. crafts and crafts. but i
like it.
and i know, i seriously need to
get our camera working *

1 comment:

lovely lindsay said...

oh! i love your new blog look. this font is so cute. and all of your etsy favorites are sort of matching. looks good!
zappos is magic.
it tempts me to order shoes. everyday.
good to see your face today. and that reggie. me + my boys miss him.
love, lin