Saturday, June 25, 2011

mint and peach

It has been such a good day already.
Fell asleep to the craziest thunder and lightning
I have ever witnessed. I'm glad I haven't heard
the tornado sirens yet or I will probably have
a panic attack! Today is baby Jack's #2 birth
day! We are so happy he was born! Thinking
of him alll day. And me and Carson are making
rainbow chip cupcakes today in celebration
of Jack. Oh and eating oreos. Happy Birthday
JAckie Boy! Also, on my bracelet project...
Every time I browse the web, I find myself
so inspired but a whole load of different ones!
I need to get to work it looks like! ha.

via. underanewlight on etsy

via doctorscloset on etsy


well anyway, hopefully i will open my own
shop soon, i think it would be so fun!
my sister christine is going to take the doula training
course in september, and i mentioned to my mom
a few months ago that being a doula was
something that interested me, so i might take it with
her? i love christine. and i'm missing my washington
family today too. aaaaaaand can someone think of
a good name for my etsy shop? if you pick the winning
name you win a prize... :)
oh and i finally fixed up the old camera and will
be putting it to use shortly.. sheesh..


cassandra noƫlla said...

being a doula would be amazing. what a wonderful idea . ive been lost in what to do with my life. and i love what that is & things that are similar to it. you'd be great

Steen said...

Yes. Do it with me. That way I won't be so nervous.