Thursday, June 23, 2011


It's thursday. I think thursday is my favorite day of the week-
I am waiting for my etsy package, because I can't wait
to put my bracelets together! I made my friendship bracelets
already, and they just need the rhinestones to spice em up...
I'm also gonna try and make something like this with the
rhinestone chains I got.. cause those rhinestones are like
identical to what I bought,

bracelet via max and chloe
but anyway, I need to go grocery shopping so I can make
more dinners. Someone here requested my enchilada feast.
Did I mention that I tried buffalo wings?
Yeah, I kinda eat buffalo wings, hahaha. I was always
scared of them, I really thought it was buffalo meat, how
come nobody told me? Carson is missing all his cousins
today. And if I had a stroller I would take him for a walk.
And I want to go on the show Lets Make A Deal. It looks
so fun. I feel like living in a big city. I think I would love it.
And I love right now. And I love when I get in the car
and my favorite song is on the radio. I'm really in need
of making some papercut art. Every time I go to the
store I have an urge to buy the supplies.


The Fords said...

HEY!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU GUYS!!!! I've tried calling...:( We need to set up a time when we can skype than i can see you guys and talk to you! Oh and I'm loving your etsy idea. I am so wishing you were here making crafts with me <3
Oh and I just watched bieber with Steve.:) Love it! You have got to hear the new Justin song. It's AWESOME. It's called right next to you by CHris Brown Ft. Justin Bieber.

The Fords said...

oh and p.s. I want a friendship bracelet :)

Jessica Lyn said...

Ya, I love them jade!! If you opened up an etsy shop I would seriously along keep you in business! haah super cute bracelets:) Another thing you need to show me how to make! lol