Monday, June 20, 2011

loving this little carson reggie boy today

it's monday again. another week gone by.
they said they would have work for me last week,
but there never got any, so i'm still bored...
and thinking of utah... lots.
father's day was great. kody got a mini
grill and we had a barbecue with chicken
and steak, and then roasted smores on it later.
i made yummy stir fry for lunch
earlier. i got to skype with my daddd and see
pretzel too. i tried to part my hair down the
middle today. it's funny. i'm loving right now.
and this sunny day. when things get done
around here it feels good.
i need to go to the library and get more gossip
girls seasons. i just started watching it and
i'm realllly into it now. that a greys anatomy...

welll thats whats today.


Steen said...

Do you want me to send you my grey's collection? I have them all. season 6 ending will stop your heart!

Thanks for skyping with me last night. it was funny.

Steen said...

I'm so happy you're watching it. Did Kody cry at the end of season 2?

Season five and six are the best.

cathmom said...

I remember days like you are having now. cath and jeff. very good days.