Thursday, June 16, 2011

i think it's Thursday

i have been attacked by dinosaurs
almost everyday for two weeks.
jeez, those dinosaurs must not like me.
oh carson...
we got two new fish for him yesterday.
he already named them Dinosaur,
and Applesauce. and he has been watching
chinese dinosaur anime cartoons on
youtube.. haha :/

and he also opened all the puzzles
Kody just got me and mixed them
up like soup. So now I have a pile
of puzzles to work on, and it sure is a
my online classes are really getting
difficult now. and i talked to my
grandma last night. oh grams. i miss ya.
kind of wanting to go stay at her house
like the old days.
i'm sure good at updating my blog
and watching dr. phil right on time.
i've got a new routine, watch dr.
phil while tying bracelets. i will have
a TON of bracelet by the end of
this summer, no lies.
well bye.

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