Tuesday, June 21, 2011


i made the yummiest dinner tonight.
chicken parmigiana. i never knew it was
so easy to make! and it was soooo
delicious! just waiting for kody to walk
in this door and try it.

this picture doesnt even show you how delicious it was,
i know i still need to find my other camera, i keep
forgetting. carson and i got to sneak away to the library
this morning. i got myself a few books. i havent read a
book since probably when i was pregnant?  so we'll see
how those goes. and then we went to gorman's.
which is the only other good store here,
i am really in the mood to work out too.
 i wish there was somewhere that didn't cost
money for me to go! me and kody have also been
obsessed with these chinese boxed dinners lately
they are soooo good. well i know i'm bored,
i think i've made that clear. but i think this is
just what i needed. especially since my
school has gotten extra busy and hard..
and i officially feel like a real housewife
right now, haha! i'm trying to post more often,
even if its just about food or library trips...


Jessica Lyn said...

Jade! Love your blog:) K you need to send me some good recipes to make because I am struggling finding some. All the ones I find take like a whole day to prepare and overnight to marinade and ya. No bueno lol

Steen said...

gooood job with your chicken! I wish I could have had some. I like that picture of carson... his has a ten-pack.