Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Five cheese Ziti Al Forno - please!?

today has been good, it feels
like these days are flying by though!
maybe because we are an hour later here
and because i dont need to wake up
early for any reason and i sleep in really
long? i don't know but it's alreay 8 o clock
at night and i feel like i just woke up.
i made oatmeal cookie with carson,
and then we made homemade ziti that is
waiting for kody to come in this door to eat.
there is a guy kody works with here who
lives right across the hall from us and he
has a cute pregnant wife and a lil boy who is
two that looks like carson, they came over today,
they were nice to us. and i will probably be
spending lots of time with them since our boys
are both the same, and we are both bored and
needing to go to target really bad.
kody is doing good here though, he gets
at least one sale a day, but usually 3-5
on average! i have so many birthday presents
to get this summer! i know i don't have to
but i just love sending someone a little something
to wish them a happy day, theres nothing
i like more then a reason to do a funky
craft... and i NEED NEED NEEEd to make
some more papercut art things, i am having with
drawls. i love it A LOT...
birthdays this summer, Gabriel, Jack, Carson,
Kody, my dad, Jeff, kody's dad, and father's day...
ahhh that's a lot of boys II men birthdays.
BAhahhahaHAHAhaha. oh dear.
i am getting smart ya know, with math...
i'm only in pre-algebra ya know, but i didn't
realize how much i have forgotten since the
7th grade... Seriously.. and after this summer i
will have finished 15 credits! which is a lot for me!
today i am feeling like i want time to speed up.
but also slow down. sheesh. crazy life.

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