Thursday, June 9, 2011


carson and i are literally inseparable.
we're attached at the hip.
i couldn't imagine my days without him.
lets see, its been 7 days of nebraska-ness.
today is finally not so hot. and i love it that way.
we had a big kfc feast for lunch.
i made enchiladas last night and kody's friends
gobbled them up... no leftovers this time :(
all my homeworks already done.
carson is waiting for his dinosaur treasures
to come in the mail. and moccasins for me...
and you know youre bored when you look forward
to the new dr. phil shows to come on at 4.
i am feeling overdue for a vacation, like a real one.
maybe i can convince kody to take me to the
mall of america. or vegas? and i kind of really
want to go to denver...
well not much is new because this is what
i have been doing all day. its nice to just be
me and my carson boy, no worries or nothing...
okay maybe a little. and maybe missing one little
or two....

1 comment:

Clarson715 said...

So glad your enjoying your adventure in Nebraska. I missed your enchiladas :(
very busy here.
Looking forward to Santa Fe with mom this weekend.
Love you.