Sunday, May 15, 2011


there is so much on my mind little blog,
i've learned a lot this year of 2011,
life has been busy busy, every minute of it.
carson is so big and busy too and says the most funniest things.
i have been feeling so peaceful and calm these days,
despite all this madness and everything happening in my
life, everything just feels calm and okay. and i'm
just happy. i have my two boys to keep me busy,
one good friend, which is all i need, and my crazy family.
tomorrow i start summer semester. and i have to say,
i am really proud of myself for getting through these
three classes. i am especially proud of my mother
for doing 15 credits! i cannot believe, and yes, she
deserves a big big prize. she is so brave.
yesterday i spent like five hours in anthropologie
with candice, and i think i already want to go back there,
took my mind off so many things, shopping.
and i want pretty much everything in that store.
what else is new. i need to go scrub my house clean
before my big trip. and on my list next week hopefully is
cinnamon rolls and homemade marshmallows,  oh and force
someone to watch my movie with me, ----
i can't wait to see kody, but i'm
nervous to leave this place in the state of mind we're in too,
i just want to take care of everybody -

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lovely lindsay said...

we just sorta blogged together.
i am so proud! and a big bit jealous that your crossing school off your list. so so cool.
i am happy about your upcoming travels. can't wait to hear stories.
love you, linny