Tuesday, May 10, 2011

be happy

so this month of may has been ok,
kody has been in nebraska for 9 days now.
and my plan is to leave june 3 and we
stay in omaha that night. carson and i
are missing him lots, it's not fun!
and i dont think me and carson have ever
flown alone, or done a layover, haa i
am nervouS.
i'm done babysitting presley n jack
once i leave and its making me
sad. they are my best friends, and have been
for these past two years of babysitting.
it will be hard. spring semester is over,
it was rough. and summer classes are
already coming fast! i need my grant
to hurry and go through!
carson is still a dinosaur, and going strong.
we watched that disney movie called
dinosaur last night and he's hooked.
bieber movie is out friday, i been
waiiiiittting, soorry but i love it.
also, i got to hang with candice, and i love
love her new place, it is so sweet.
she gave me briana's fancy
makeup to keep, and i'm loving all this chanel,
& mac. it is sooo happy to me!
not much else is new. but this summer
is gonna be crazy i know that.

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