Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i love shoes

summmer summer hurry

-organize my house * clothes
-dye my hair
-get my red toms & my purple hoodie
-anthropologie again
-intermountain 50
-hang out with my sister in laws,
-and my sisters
-find a good suitcase
-make marshmallows or cinnamon rolls
-stick that letter in the mail
-take presley to get her homework prize
-bike ride
-math class at midnight & health class quiz
-carson to dinosaur museum
-work out
yeahhhhaahh gettin excited/nervous/sad/happy :)/(

1 comment:

The Fords said...

Hey sista from another mista! ha ha :) So, I tried calling you..do you want to get together on thursday the 26th?? it will be next thursday...i'll be seeing you hopefully on monday too! :)