Monday, May 2, 2011



i have spent the past week
relaxing and being with these littles
i got to go to brianas memorial
which was really sweet,
and i have been trying to help around
the house so my mom can get things
done. it's been a rough week.
but one that has made me feel 
so grateful and peaceful in my
heart at the same time.
i have been finishing up my school
for this quarter and preparing a routine
for next quarter. i took carson
to church yesterday and he made it
through nursery. even though he
cried the first hour, thats okay for a first
day. i'm so glad that the weather is
slowly coming around, i can't wait to 
take my bike out.
and lots of summer birthday parties
in my head. kody is off in nebraska right now,
i will be there in a few short weeks.
changes keep on changing.
searching for a new car for me is
also on my list.
today i am just feeling so grateful,
bye friends.

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