Monday, March 7, 2011


So the snow is still pouring here and there. And the rain.
I am still waiting and waiting for the heat to hit. Come on Spring.
Kody started his CNA training today at AAACNA, and I'm so
proud of him for going for it. He has wanted to get into the
medical field for so long. And this is the first step to getting closer.
Next he wants to take the phlebotomy training too. I love him so
much. He's been my best friend. April is going to be so busy,
it's also our anniversary. Three whole years we will be married!
WOWw... Steen and Chris are coming over for dinner tonight,
I'm so excited, I think they are our first real dinner guests at our new
place. I even made a homemade chocolate cheesecake for them.
And I want to rent "the next three days" it looks good.
I have been trying to do the elliptical work outs for the past
four days, 30 minutes. Its hard. But i'm just so ready to lose
weight for sure. Also, I'm still on the look out for a couch,
just throwin that out there in case any one finds a cute one for me,
thanxxx.Oh snow go away. I just want April to come. I love
when theres lots of events and things going on. And I get to
sign up for new summer classes April 18, I'm countin down.
Now all I need is a new outfit.
This morning my mom had a big mid term test, so I took care of
her and packed her a lil pre-test snack... it was funny.
I took Carson to nursery yesterday at church, and the lady came
out with him crying because it was snack time and he had been 
waiting all day for the toys, poor guy. We will try again next time.
I need a camera so I can post pictures again. It's been a minute.
Tomorrowz girlssss night, I hope we go see Justin Bieber NEver
Say Never, oh please! Ha :)
PS - I might be changing my blog URL from movingtoafrica to
alexandrajade... just so ya know...


michelle said...

homemade chocolate cheesecake? ohmyg. Yes please.

and ive always liked movingtoafrica because when you made it it fit your mood so perfect *I remember. we emailed. lol

but I like alexandrajade too because it is so simple/sweet.

lol- in case you wanted my two cents.

lipoooo said...