Tuesday, March 1, 2011

etsy print from Chief&Crown

Kody is working in Colorado as of yesterday,
so I am oh so Lonely. I hate it the most when he
leaves! But it makes me more excited to see him
when he comes home.
So yesterday I went Africa supply shopping with my
mom and MOoch, they are getting ready for their
big trip. I'm actually kind of jealous, I wish to go out
of the country someday.
Then I went to fye with Carson and
stocked up on some movies and a few tv seasons,
and the land before time for Carson... We should be good
till Thursday when Kody gets back.
My sister Lindsay made me the sweetest lil banner
and twitter button up there and I'm loving it.
I wish I could have some of her crafty energy.
She is so amazing.
And she always knows of the coolest things possible.
Sometimes I really wish that I was still her neighbor..
I have been searching etsy for a pretty print
for my EMPTiest living room, which still needs
a couch. I think I might just make my own art,
to be honest I don't know if I want the same
same old same. It gets olddd...
But I'm thinking of opening an etsy shop.
And I'm also soooo ready for this school semester to be
done and a new one to start. I'm getting
my classes at MIDNIght on the dot, since it's
first come first serve basis.
I'll leave you with this sweet song,
a find of Lin's that Presley and Carson now really like tooooo.


michelle said...

that is one of my favorite songs! & im going to be right on the dot for registration next week too. Good luck to you!

michelle said...

I dont have any good pictures yet : ( it was too dark in there when I was taking them... and xavier rudd... YES!!! you should come then! that would be so fun.

cathmom said...

Everything really is gonna be OK. Your new blog look is pretty! Can't wait til your craft project is finally born!