Friday, March 11, 2011

march is flying by.

- said goodbye to my momma and mooch theyre off to africa on an adventure!
i can't wait to hear from them already. my mom had goodie bags packed to give to little children,
a whole birth kit and stethoscope to give to a midwive. such a life changing experience they are going to have.
-got my nails done with the new shellac manicure, supposed to last 2 weeks, i'm already loving it
-went and saw justin bieber never say never with my anderson sisters, and now i'm a fan!
-got carson his first pair of supra skytops, i have been dying for kody to get for forever,
when i found out they had carsons size and after long searching, i found some HAlf OFF, n i had to get them.

-kodys got one week down one more to go on his cna training.
he learned how to take vitals and he's loving it. next he's gonna take the blood drawing course,
he's loving it lots.
-i have literally worked out on the elliptical every single day this week, 30 minutes a day,
which is really hard because its cardio, and i'm really out of shape. hopefully i will
work myself up to an hour soon. i have to lose 10-15 pounds in six weeks for my class goal.
i could easily make it up about my workout since it's an online class, but why not do something
i need to do anyway!?
-okay so i loved that justin bieber movie so much i'm taking kody to go see it tonight, the directors cut
which is 40 minutes longer. How embarasssing, but what can i say? i think carson needs a drum
set now.
-well jack is half way becoming my child for the next 9 days, i will be watching him till almost 9
at night everyday. so must take the two littles out of a field trip or something!


Pres8Jes said...

oh jade, thank you for taking my son in, I heard you gotta day off this week?
I hope i lose 10 lbs this weeek, jeezm see you tomorrow

The Fords said...

Hey Friend! I'm glad that I got to see you for just a little bit. :) I've missed you! :) Hey I was wondering if you wanted to do my makeup sometime. I want to try something different. oh and we need to either bake a treat or make a craft. Love ya!!