Tuesday, April 5, 2011


crazy life i tell you.
what i've been doing lately.
SO much.
taking care of baby boy jack.
giving him lots of love.
making brownies.
taking care of dinosaur carson.
having movie nights almost every
inching toward the end of spring school.
projects on my mind.
frequent midnight trips to walmart since
target is closed, when i need thinking time.
my boys being my best friends more than ever.
searching etsy all my life,
thinking of opening a shop of my own.
hanging out with keira, shopping.
making crafts.
living off kid cuisines and hungry jacks.
not for long i promise. until i get my head
back on and make dinner again.
taking care of a sick kody who had
a terrible tooth ache/tooth pulled,
swelled up cheeks and sore. :(
planning trips.
getting ready for summer school,
and summer itself.
thinking happy thoughts.
wishing a lot of wishes.
ya i know...


Kody has been the best boyfriend/HUSBAND/bestfriend/father ever ever ever. 
We have been hanging out a ton lately. 
He has been helping me with Carson so much.
Giving me free space when I need to do my homework. 
Taking me out to dinner. 
Taking me all over town shopping 
because I can't ever find just what I need that i'm picturing in my head. 
He has been helping my family around the house 
when he sees that they needed it most right now. 
He did my moms dishes 3 times in a row now. 
All of them, even the big ones. 
Without anyone asking. 
He is so kind. 
He helped me babysit these kids when I felt like I was about to lose it
 He's my best friend.
I just wanted to write this post to show appreciation to Kody. 
Because he works hard, and he takes such good care of Carson, 
and ME. 
And I recognize his random acts of kindness. 
He is a good man. 

I LOVE him.


The Fords said...

so glad we've been hanging out a lot. i love hanging out w/you and kody and cars. love you guys!

michelle said...

really love this

Mr. Furious said...
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Steen said...

I love Kody. he is a good man. and he's really funny.