Monday, February 28, 2011

come on spring.

I'm not sure why I have been so blog less lately.
I haven't taken any pictures lately either.
I think we need a new digital camera.
I started watching Presley and Jack again last week.
And I was also watching Presley's little sister Kiah a few
days too. My online classes are going good.
My and my boys snuck away for the hundredth time and visited
our Pasco family. Sometimes I just love it there.
Everytime I go I have to get Round Table, and Taco John's.
At least once.
My mom and Natalie are leaving for Africa in a week and
I am oh so nervous for them to go. But I can't wait to hear all
about it.
Spring is going to be so good I'm excited for warm weather.
We finally have two cars right now, and it's been so happy.
Somehow I want to go see Xavier Rudd, I like him the most
out of all my mom's music obsessions, he's the only one that
I will actually secretly listen to when no ones around..
My brother in law Kris gets married in April, and I just love weddings.
Kody fixed the red car up all by himself it needed a lot of hard things
to put together and he did it I'm so proud of him. Reallly!
I feel like making a pretty fondant cake too.
And buying a new dress... I took Carson to church yesterday.
It's my goal to try and get us there every Sunday.
Even though this time I didn't make it in time for him to go to
Nursery... :/
My life is crazy. I feel like so many things are going on,
but really not alot is going on.
I'm on the hunt for a cute couch to go with my cute white chairs
and my white coffeee table... ehh..
If only I had that white samsung tv on amazon too...
white white white. I also need to find the most perfect
print to go on my walls... HMMm hmmm...
Carson is to the age where I
can't hold him anymore. Oh gosh really, He's too big... :[
And i'm in love with my iPAd.

Forever and ever.


michelle said...

I like this. I am decorating my apartment right now too.. well kinda. the best I can with no money. I want to write more on my blog but the stalkers got out of control : ( it makes me sad. Im glad you guys are doing good!

rach. said...

i love your pic.. your to pretty tiig.. :)