Tuesday, November 2, 2010

soy delish.

oh hi.
same old same.
but this past week i keep thinkin
i'm lucky that i never get to be alone.
really. i always got my two boys by my side.
rent paying day today.
kodys in kanab selling direct tv.
hard working kody.
my days consist of searching for jobs,
checking message machines for voicemails,
this & that.
at the same time, job searching is sure lowering
my self esteem. and making me realize
how SHY i am. and that i need to own more
conservative clothing. sheezzz.
i want to put up christmas lights already.
halloween was good/ carved pumpkins
twice. probably my favorite thing to do.
janeen made a great chili dinner.
and keira is not addicted to making felt flowers
with me. i think we need to have a felt flower
making party. yaaaa
and we went to trunk or treat for carson with
kartiers church, that was fun!...
i miss my mother. like seriously,
where the heck is she?

1 comment:

The Fords said...

yea. I'm really addicted to making those flowers! they are so fun. I'm in for a felt flower making party ha ha. seriously though! i'm free all week. how do i get a hold of you with no phone?