Monday, November 8, 2010

someday soon.

i been trying to figure out what my place is right now,
and what i'm supposed to be doing.
i've been walking in circles for ever.
soooo i've applied for financial aid,
and have slcc or skinscience in mind.
truthfully, i want to work in a medical spa.
as well as do everybodies makeup.
i want to take that makeup class so bad.
i really want to do esthetics. i just WAnt to.
so. ya.
it's getting cold, i like sleeping in a lot.
i'm needing a new car for Me. and a computer.
my birthday is coming and i havent
even thought about it,
usually ive made a list by now cause it's
my favorite part. but it's coming so fast.
i'm glad i'm still somewhat young. Gosh.
i've found that i really like reggae.
and it's pretty much the only good music around
these days. and i'm not big on music.
i have no clue why.
i feel like breakin out the christmas tunes though.
and putting up my tree already.
kody has been gone working/knocking doors,
a lot. and he has to leave on another trip
this week, it motivates him more to get sales.
i hate when he goes, but its worth it.
gotta pay the rent... blah. i should go
visit my grandma this week as i have nothing going
on. or maybe just do more felt projects.
i really love my apartment though.
it's so cozy, and i like being there.
i can't wait until i can cook big dinners, and get
big groceries again.
sometimes i wanna move to LA or something.
being dry broke makes you realize a lot about life though.
and i definately learned that nothing happens on its own,
you can't just sit there,
you gotta get movin
if you wanna go somewhere.

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cathmom said...

Jade! Can it be true? You got some CSN&Y on your blog! Yes, someday soon.