Thursday, October 21, 2010

i cant keep up :::/)(

hi blog.
its been rough looking for a job,
i'm just tired of even talking about it.
i've only done two interviews,
and i'm sick of it. :(
either i find one soon,
or i'm going to school and
getting it done, so kody can
be full time in school AFTER me.
so tough.
my fall time has been good though.
i love my house and am so grateful
that we have our own space so much.
i learned that i can make cute things
out of felt. i like it.
so be expecting a creation for christmas.
we ate at the new place called menchies,
love it too. mmm...
been snitching those brownies mooch made.
target makes me mad.
and... kodys mom brought us pizza tonite,
and we watched deal or no deal.
it was good. :)
carsons my bff as always,
and i have been hanging with laura a lil
here and there, and i love her girl bella.
i'm glad shes my friend, cause she understands
my situation, we're in the same same.
i'm glad i found her :)
and i'm so glad i have kody too.
we really are best best friends,.
well my dads outta town and he's
been my friend. even if we're both kinda
quiet, and now i miss him.
it feels safe and cozy when he's here.
and my mom as well.
misssssssss her.
and lins baby. i think of this boy
everyday, where are you Rocky Fisher.
well it was good to feel like a business
lady for two minutes.
i wish i wish always wishin fishin.


michelle said...

carson looks so dang cute. I wish I could come be your nanny.

The Fords said...

I can't believe how big Carson looks. I'm excited to hang out soon! We still need to carve pumpkins!