Tuesday, October 5, 2010

fall has me so happy. seeing all this orange.
and i get to wear my uggs and sweaters and
get all warm and cozy. i already stocked up
on hot cocoa and apple cider, and marshmallows.
and have a list of happy halloweenish things
to do with carson! i love it!
me and kody are getting used to paying rent now
too. and im not celebrating christmas this year
with any presents that is... it comes to fast
every year! but our house is feeling more like
home. and i have been searching like crazy for
a job. i hope something comes around soon.
and i hope i will make some new friends, i need
some really bad.
ive been waiting and waiting... i'm lookin forward
to soo many things. and ive been trying to get
ready more often. if i had food stamps i would be
baking up a storm right now too...
this fall/winter i'm looking for ward to:
a new job
lindsay and baby*
my birthday
new years vegas
carving pumpkins
a new couch
get my christmas tree out
pumpkin pie
a new coat
roaming the gateway
christmas tunes
& "ishouldntbealive" shows
orange nail polish


lovely lindsay said...

you're getting new uggs this year, right? this is my year for uggs. i hope.
wish you lived by me so we could bake + decorate + snuggle baby boys together.
love, lin

Laura Jo said...

I am your friend. :(
come over. once we start makin' that money we will shop shop shop for cute winter thangs. :]