Thursday, September 23, 2010

trapped in amazement therefore i am amazing

whatz good.

i had a dream that i had blonde hair.
i like to twitter.
carsons been so smart lately,
he's a kid
keepin my house extra clean
been listening to xavier rudd,
my mom got me to like him
i love cake.
and i cant wait for pumpkin everything...
applying for jobs.
gonna save up for a car
get our bed this weekend :)
thinkin about our thanksgiving,
and my birthday,
really thinking about vegas
cafe rio free meals for lunch
i need new clothes
i really like where i live
mountain view next weekend
couch searching
rachel zoe&teen mom
seein steen a lot and ikea trips
i love ikea so much
fake eyelashes


mimi said...

does that mean you are coming to my party??!! yay

i want to see your new looks really cute. happy for you...

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