Thursday, October 7, 2010


i just had to post a blog, cause i'm feelin in a good mood today,
my mother leaves tommmorrrrrrrow. so we went to
gardner village for lunch, silllly lunch date. and i got some
jobs lined up for me. :) an interview monday, and some
more that are interested in me. i'm excited. i've realized,
that i am reallllly impatient. buttttttttttttt. i'm really wanting
to go to vegas, i just miss you vegas. and im thinking i should
just do that makeup artistry class i been wanting to do
and get a makeup job somewhere...
the cold weather is coming. and i am not prepared.
and carson slept with out his pacifier last night, it was a mess.
he was so heartbroken because we couldnt find it anywhere.
for 2 years of his life he has slept with it every single night,
wow. his eyes were so puffy and he was snufflingsniffflin in his
sleep. awww.
buuuuuut shoot i needa figure out what shirt and shoes and thangs
to wear for my interview. its like a first real interview,
abercrombie seriously doesnt count for me. and my music
i have noticed lately is so funny. i rarely ever have a favorite
album or song i put on... and i seriously like the funniest
batch of music ever... itz good.

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michelle said...

yeah I seriously plan on marrying rich. shoot. I dont even have a bf.