Sunday, September 19, 2010

got our new place in herriman
just past day break... & we are soooo
i got these sweet lil chairs today off
craigslist, and i love em.
slowly were gettin our things in there,
and it's starting to feel like home.
I'm happy.
kody is swamped with school,
so i have been looking for a part
time job to try and help him out.
and a car... to get me there.
i have become obsessed with findin
cute things for my new place for good
deals. carson got his own room
this time and he has my old white bed.
i'm just waiting for it to really feel 
like fall now... i cant wait anymore.
and i have my own kitchen to bake
things :)
but, that's all for now, bye folks.


The Fords said...

i love your chairs. I love your new place. So happy you have it!
We need to make cinnamon rolls in your kitchen! :)

michelle said...

this is all so happy.
yay for your new place and chairs.. it that your kitchen right there? it looks so nice.
can I come over and have a slumber party? not kidding... ive always wanted to go to utah. thats the one thing I miss the most.. havin my own kitchen to cook in. miss ya jade baby.

cathmom said...

Love your space. It will feel like home soon! Invite me to dinner!

naturaljoy said...

let's see some more pics

Mr. Furious said...

I'm so proud of you guys! Keep on truckin'