Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i'm excited to see what happens next.
good things in store for us.
kody started up school again.
he talked to his counselor & found out
he is gettin closer to his associates degree.
tomorrow is a much needed trip to
andreas spa.
we're going to look at a place tomorrow too.
green cars up for sale. i still wish it was mine.
i'm so excited for fall this year.
more than summer or spring or winter.
i just wish the trees would turn yellow already.
okay so i dont think i officially posted on my
blog that i got my ged.
but it came in the mail,
a high school diploma, just for me.
and my next goal is signin up for fall classes... :)


vicky said...

YAY and GOOD FOR YOU on the GED Jade! Go celebrate with a yummy treat!

michelle said...

aw I want to go to a spa.

cathmom said...

Jade, you have checked some really big things of of your goals list this year. I can't wait to see what you accomplish next year!