Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My handsome carson,
the cutest pictures Lindsay took of my silly boy.

Been with out a car for almost 3 weeks.
I don't feel like talking about it anymore.
But that we sure know our way
around issaqwah, wa pretty good now.
And I've learned that fixin a car is a rip off.
This green car has been bad luck since day one.
But I've spent lots of good time
with little larsons and stoyans.
Lins my friend, her bellys cute.
We love treats.
Kody is doing good working here.
He barely has to work because he's gotten so many sales.
We have to get a place asap when we get back,
I am tired of bein in peoples space,
and can't do it one more minute.
Carson and gavin are silly friends.
He is loving lukeys house.
Lin took real cute pictures of him too.
I'm missing my dad today.
He's been a lot of help and given us
good advice for our crazy situation over here.
I hope we have a running car soon...
And lin has been so good to us.
Feeding us and lettin us stay here.
And jeff lettin kody ride his bike everyday.
Sheesh, kodys legs are gonna be buff.
Utah feels very far away right now....


The Fords said...

Miss you guys! I'm glad you are having a fun adventure. I love washington. I miss it sometimes. So enjoy it for me.
Hope you guys come back soon so I can see you. Love you!

cathmom said...

That's the way this summer rolls,Jade. Crazy adventures but unexpected goodness. Carson and Gavi needed this time together.
Hirry home sweet little boy face!

lovely lindsay said...

gavin is missing car-sey so we jumped on here to find some pictures of him.
love you, lin