Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ya thats me flyin up there.. haha
these days are so good.
this weather makes me so happy.
just roastin smorez.
and carson is so darn cute. all the things he says.
his birthday is next week, and im trying to
decide what i should do!
we booked our vegas hotel, and i cant wait.
its a short vaca, but we're going alone and
im so excited, i need to find something really
fun to do. my skin is getting bad again, i pretty
much give up.
and moms best friend gina is here, and i love her,
she is real real nice and funny.
and she surprised me with a 50$ sephora giftcard.
it was soooooo soooooo happy to me.
i cant even believe she did that it was really nice.
but now im having a hard time deciding what to gET!
we had a really bad fourth or july.
i dont wanna talk about that... haha.
besides that we did watch riverton fireworks at the
park. me and my boys on saturday night and it was
pretty fun. and kodys fam took us to ride the zip line
in park city. i liiiiiiiked it :)
my mom leaves next  weekend for her
big trip and kody is going to missouri too for a few days.
i'm gonna be sooooo Lonely....
i have been craving olive garden this week badddd...
and moms calzones...
carsons finally getting over the sicknesses,
ummm thats all.
im sick of ants...

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