Friday, July 16, 2010

so i registered for the ged test.
aug 4. i'm so excited.
dad took me and i was the only
one with a little 2 year old running
around the school halls. oh dear.
if i pass that means i can sign up
for school.
carsons birthday party was cute.
lotsa family.
lotsa green stripes.
and a cute red trike.
my boy is old.
kody is hardworking.
i hope he gets signed up for
school too.
green car is in the hospital,
but shes gonna get better. :)
oh and me and my sisters had
a photo shoot. it was hilarious.
they crack me up.
i got to do their makeup.
and tonights dads party,
and im taking him to knight &day,
because me and kody saw
it last week and i LOVEd it.
i could see it again.
and mom let me wax her eyebrows
last night for her concert,
it was hilarious.
my family is so funny.
they make me so happy.
after we pay off some bills,
we're going to get our place.
either daybreak, or kody kinda
wants to move to provo,
buuuuut i dunnnnoooo.
and i went to candices cute house,
in my hot hot car,
and she took me to mydoughgirL
for some really good lemon drop
and we planned our road trip to washIngTON.
i cant wait :)
i love summer.


Mr. Furious said...

well done! you are doing great things~

Candice said...

carson looks old and happy about his trike in the last picture :) im excited for washington too