Friday, July 2, 2010

mo money mo problems

i'm thinkin of a sneakaway trip with my two boys to seattle
RIGHT about NOW.
it just sounds really good.
i am really sick of the hospital. and i hope carson,
or ANY of us don't have to go back there for a VERY LONG time.
carson has had three different sicknesses in the past week.
gimmmme a bREAk!
this is a hot hot summer.
i think too many people wished for the snow to go away
and so we got killer heat in return...
i wish mom had a pool.
and i wish i owned a million pairs of shoes.
my hair is at the awkward stage. it's making me feel
so this weekend should be good.
cause  i love when me and kody can hang out.
seattle sounds so good right now.....

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