Monday, July 26, 2010

 it has been getting so hot here.
and no air conditioning in our car
is not a plus.
i miss my mom n dad they have
been gone so long. i'm excited to
hear about their adventure.
and i am missing kody everyday
when he leaves. he's gone til like 10
every night. it gets soooo Lonely.
the car is not gonna be ready in
time for our trip to vegas, i'm really
bummed out about it. but at least
carson isnt going, because its too hot.
carson is hilarious. he made kody some
toast this morning, it was real cute.
and he's obsessed with toy story
he watches the whole movie all the way
through. me and kody are planning
a washington trip in the works.
and me and candice are planning
one as well. i'm excited.
next week is my ged test. i've been
studying here and there. i'm nervous.
i'm excited for lagoon too.
and kodys birthday is THURSDAY.
gosh, i dont even know what to get him.
i'm glad i have good friends.
we had fun this weekend.
cafe rio. kody did his famous fireworks.
carson played with lauras daughter bella.
and kody made me n candice a fire.
took carson to a little park in daybreak,
and i wished i lived there in those town homes.
then we got ice cream, carson picked chocolate
with a million scoops of sprinkles.
i love my two boys. theyre my family.
its so so funny. theyre my best friends.
and franti concert tomorrow.
eeeeeeeeekkk :]


lovely lindsay said...

i love that mom still has that tapestry hangin in the family room -and she told dad it was just temporary. ha!
just got a picture text from her and she's about as tan as presley is in that picture.
i'm missing carson in a bad way. wishing kody was working til 10 here in this town so that you could be my friend.
love, lindsay

joven said...

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