Thursday, June 24, 2010

well my lil bean is officially really sick...
he had to get an iv from dehydration on tuesday night.
and we came home yesterday, but he is still not feelin it.
i hope he gets better soon.
he needs a love. so send some loves our way.
aaaaand lin snuck a lil trip over!
i'm sooo excited shes here, too bad carson has
to be so sick. i hate seeing him like this!
anyway we had a good fathers day, i made my
dad the famous... enchiladas. and we took him to
breakFast. and carson made every father in his life a
really sweet card. now its my cleaning day
and im behind on my ged sign up i was supposed to
go yesterday,,,, grrr... but its ok, i need to scrub the
ggerms outta here.

Love all the dads in my life. :)


cathmom said...

nice post, jade. come on carson, we miss your crazy climbing ways!
hurry home to us!

Joyce said...

I hope he is feeling better now. We send our love and prayers.
Grandma E

cassandra noƫlla said...

aw i hope carson gets better soon i just sent some good vibes to him & you .

naturaljoy said...

I hope your baby is doing better, we love you guys.

michelle said...

sending love to baby carson. and you and kody too.